Comparing Mt4 to Mt5: A Thorough Comparison to Assist You in Deciding which to Use

MetaTrader 5 has been designed as an upgrade to MetaTrader 4, with the goal of helping traders earn more profit. Both offer unique features to the Forex Time trader as well as broker.

Introduce yourself

MetaTrader (MT), a separate and special platform, is used to trade Forex by Forex brokers as well as traders. This Forex platform is only designed to be used for online Forex trading. This is because it’s the most commonly used Forex platform in the world. MetaQuotes a Russian company developed MetaTrader in 2002. Forex traders love its design because it offers many options for support and tweaking. MetaTrader includes its own language, “What Is MQL”. MetaTrader’s most common platforms are MT4 & MT5. MT5 represents the latest version of MT4.

User Interface and Charting

Both MT4 MT5 have a similar interface for accounts and charting. MT4 is bulkier than MT5. This is the main difference. The new version MT5 features larger icons and more evenly spaced out icons. It is a great improvement over the previous version’s compactness. Its disadvantage is it consumes a large amount of precious pixels. In fact, it is a waste of useful chart area. Fibonacci Retracement works better in MT4 than this version.


The hedging function is of great importance to every Forex trader. MT5’s hedging capabilities are not as good as its predecessor. MT5 users cannot use hedging when using two different systems, such as swing trading and scalping. You can use hedging to take advantage for quick scalping, and earn some money with only a few pip. But that is impossible on MT5. Forex brokers may be able to use plug-ins in MT5 to enable hedging.

Computer Space And Other Resources

This version of MT4 takes up a lot more computer space. MT5 takes up more RAM than MT4 and is three times larger. The amount of RAM space required varies depending on which computer you use. Obwohl it requires more storage space, it is the preferred version because it has the greatest resources to trade online in Forex. MT5 offers a wide range of useful features.

Indicators and Environmental Assessments

The most useful feature in MT5 are the folders. This is especially true for navigator windows. It is actually a very useful feature designed to make it easier for traders to organize their expert advisors, indicators and other tools. Under the indicator section, MT5 offers four folders for the Oscillators and Volumes. Trends are also available. The trader simply opens the folder, chooses an indicator and applies it. You can also make your own folders. Unfortunately, MT4OEs indicators and Expert Advisors cannot be used on MT5.

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