You can Handle Water Damage at Home

It is an emergency situation that you can’t afford to ignore. A water problem can affect your property’s value and be a source of distress, regardless if it comes from an HVAC system leak or a broken pipe. To prevent additional damage, it is crucial to act quickly. Call a dry wet carpets water damage company immediately to assist in assessing and repairing the damages.

When it comes to handling an emergency at home, the number one rule is to have a plan that you can implement immediately after damage occurs. As you continue to delay in dealing with this disaster, it only gets worse.

What to do first when dealing with water damage?

There are some things that you can do after your home has suffered water damage to help protect yourself and family. Shut off electricity first. Circuit breakers and devices plugged in should be turned off. Evacuate the affected area of your house until an expert can confirm that it’s safe to enter. Wear gloves, waterproof shoes, and a face mask when you go into the house. The most valuable things, such as documents and electronics, should be the first to go.

The Waters Stop

You should identify the source as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Water damage is most often caused by a burst water pipe or hot water tank. Make sure that you are aware of the locations of all shutoff valves. In the event that the flood caused the leak, you should take precautions to prevent further damage. Sandbag and dump the area. It is important to hire a professional who can investigate the cause of leaking ceilings. You should be on the lookout for mold because it can pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones. If you see or smell a bad odor, or notice discolored ceilings or baseboards, then mold is present.

Dry Things Out

Start drying things within the first 24-hours. In addition, you should complete this process in three to four working days. It will also help eliminate mold and mildew in your home. Move all the wet furnishings away from the flood area. Aluminum foil can be placed between the legs of the furniture and the carpeted area to avoid stains. Let your carpets dry outdoors. To help the area dry, rent fans or dehumidifiers. You should run them for atleast 24 hours. To remove moisture, turn your air conditioning on for the next several days.

Get a Professional at Your Service

To help you deal with any damage, contact a professional company that specializes in water damage. These professionals have the experience and tools to do this type of job. This way, they can prevent this kind of leak from happening again.

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